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Diana Ramírez


Art Director

Also known as @CocoRamB, Diana is the free-spirited artist behind Rainy Sun. She is a true artist at heart and even though she can pleased the most tough clients with great design solutions, she happily admits that her deepest passion lies in illustration, fine arts and photography. A workaholic, hungry to create and with a great attitude, always keeping the client needs in mind, she is very easy to work with and a very responsible hard worker that will be always happy to help you achieve all your goals. If she is not working, she is thinking about it. She enjoys her free time drawing, reading and playing with her Yaya.

Jorge Márquez


Creative Director

Jorge is a design addict. His passion for his work, insane attention to details and vast knowledge in almost every field makes him a great asset to any project. Doing an “okay” job is never an option. He will always do his best and put all his skills on the table to fulfill and excel every client expectations. With a can-do attitude he will make sure to create designs pieces that are not only functional, but also worth of putting them up on your wall. When he is not working, he is probably reading about the latest designs trends, playing soccer or excercising with his Yaya.


Graphic Designer



Motion Artist




Yaya is the official and only 4-legged member at Rainy Sun. Always in style sporting the brand colors, she is a real team player and a leader. Yayita is in charge of keeping the team fit & sane with healthy breaks for nice walks (great for brainstorming) or play time. Always in a great mood and with a positive approach to every obstacle, Yaya shows us everyday how to enjoy our work, be productive, stay focus, and appreciate all the little things on our daily life.

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